A DMS Afterthought

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I recently had the opportunity to work on a plant dossier with team mates from our company. It literally took us days to sort out the documents and CMS pages that were to be used in the dossier. The hardest to understand was that the dossier focused mainly on equipment and components. Can you believe that? I mean, the more I think about it, the more I believe in document management systems. Truly.

Can you imagine what could go wrong if valuable documents like these disappear, or are misplaced, or tragically deleted if the system server fails? In a word? Catastrophe..

Every component manual and maintenance document formed part of the dossier, and I couldn’t help thinking about what would happen if something went wrong. For instance, If these documents are lost, a business wouldn’t be able to see what repairs and maintenance was done on their equipment, and might end up paying extra for services or parts they don’t need. Operator manuals are even more important. They not only serve to remind you of when a particular warrantee expires, but helps as a training source for the new employees that are going to be using the equipment. Can you imagine the costs if something goes wrong with a situation like that?

This post may tie into my first post about how important document management really is, but to be honest, unless you have first hand experience, it would not be as easy to understand. Large corporations create and send off millions of documents daily. Documents that are a necessary part of any business to keep it running profitably. If these documents disappear, or are damaged or corrupted, you can only imagine how much money these businesses will be losing because of it.

The good news though, is now that the system is in place and the documents are all where they are meant to be, the company can now focus on their business, knowing that their documents are only a click away, exactly as they need them, ready to download documents, or upload more documents about the equipment. Hassle free.

This just makes me reinforce my statement that document management systems are really important. Not just to keep files neat and tidy, but to help you relax and concentrate on other things important to the business. Makes a person think about their own systems actually……


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