DMS Technicalities – Myth or Legend

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Let’s face it, we live in a time where technology has almost completely taken over our work processes, social networking has become a marketing tool, and the simple document management system has been given a revamp of note.

All of this is pretty good if, for the most part, you have an extensive I.T team, or a list of I.T degrees and diplomas hidden or hanging on your walls, so wouldn’t it be good to know that not all document management systems need an extensive team or list of degrees to work for you? Let’s take a look at a few areas and frequently asked questions and see whether the technicalities behind document management systems are myth or legend.

Firstly, let’s look at security. I have mentioned before that it is a better idea to be able to use a cloud based document management system and not one that is downloaded or installed from a CD or DVD. The reason behind this is that with a cloud based system, you are given a safe login, where you would get an automatically generated password from the system, which then gives you the choice to changing it to something you can remember easily and not a string of numbers and letters. this ensures that you are the only one with that specific username and password, meaning no one else can use your login, dashboards, documents, but you, and the rest of the organisation you work with.

Security is always a major problem online, so its good to know that your documents and files are safe between you and your organisation and its employees.

I have always been asked about system specifications and such and if you would need any sort of I.T training or team ready for when anything happens with their system, and my answer has always been “No”. If you ask why, then I would tell you that any document management system worth its salt would be easy enough for anyone to use, and not have you clutching at training DVD’s just to try figure out how the system works. I have seen many systems out there, who shall remain nameless, that sell off yearly licences, costly upgrades and compulsory training, and I am sad to say that it really is not important to have to go through all this. There are document management systems and information management systems that you can navigate around, read through tutorials and help pages on a wiki, and have you up and running in minutes, without worrying about training and such.

Bottom line, is that it all points to how feature rich the system is, how easily the system is navigated, in other words, it’s what you can do with the system and not what you need to learn before using the system.

For the best document management systems, you don’t need third-party software installed, in fact, your humble home PC or smart phone would be able to use the system, you don’t need any specialized training or expensive updates. All you would really need is a computer or laptop, browser and an internet connection, and you’re good to go.

The next time you take a look at online document management systems, look closely and read the fine print. Nine times out of ten you would find that there are so many hidden costs involved in even the most basic system, that it is hardly of any worth to you or your organisation.

Look for the system that you would feel the most comfortable with, research all your options, and you will soon see which document management system comes out on top, according to what I have said here today.

Wishing everyone P2B (performance to business)


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