Document Management Systems – Do you fit the system requirements

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Let’s take a look at the system requirements needed to use one of these advanced document management systems. I have read through case studies where specific business sectors are detailed and how these systems are used, so let me share a few pearls of wisdom with you.

The most popular business sectors reviewed in the case studies I have read, centered mainly around Human Resources, Retail, Legal practices, Import and Export companies, Medical practices, and accounting firms. Either of which would benefit exponentially from document management systems such as these, but let’s look at a few requirements for these systems, then you could make an informed decision about your current system.

Does your company have a website?

Who doesn’t. The opportunities provided by the worldwide web today has given small companies the ability to expand their client base globally instead of keeping it mainly local. Did you know that some document management systems actually allow you to use your own web site for its log in and log out utilities? Yes, you don’t have to go to other sites to login to your system, and when you log out, you don’t have to navigate back to your page.

Does your company work with many documents per day?

Seriously, even if you are a small business that has just opened your doors to the public and only have the basic documents at hand, you could use a system like this. in fact, this could be the perfect time to start using a system like this. Simply because you would be in total control of your documents from day one, and the system would be easier to carry out and keep up from then onwards.

Do you have concerns about expensive I.T costs?

Who doesn’t worry about expenses? There isn’t a company I have been in contact with at some point, that hasn’t looked at the cost of I.T support or document management systems such as this. So wouldn’t it be good to know that you wouldn’t need to upgrade your I.T team, outsource to other expensive I.T teams, or even need a team at all?

I have researched so many document management systems, and most of them are inexpensive yes, but cost you the world in I.T resources, and generally this includes and is predominantly the I.T costs for the team used by the developers of the DMS systems themselves. Ludicrous? Definitely. Be careful and read the fine print before buying a DMS system from people like these. You could find yourself paying for extra users, training, yearly licensing fees, or any other silly reason they can find to make more money, leaving you with an inferior system that you cannot use fully.

Do you want your company to run efficiently?

We all want that. Having a company running at 100%, without running at a loss because of missed deadlines, unprepared tenders, not being able to show up for meetings at the correct time, with the proper documentation, losing tenders and proposals because your documents are either out of date, or you were not aware of any newer versions of a specific document… Things like these not only make you lose money, but also make you seem unprofessional, which is not a good thing.

Other companies will not work with a company that seems unprofessional or unprepared. Which is where a document management system like this is of great help to you. You will always have the correct documents at hand, the proper version, and you would be fully ready for any business proposition your company is working on. Our motto has always been reap the rewards, which is what we believe in, and what we believe a document management system should do for you.

These are just four examples of the type of business that would benefit from a system such as this. The truth is that anyone can benefit from it. Whether you’re a large multinational corporation, a small business starting out, from just about any business sector. If you can benefit from this system, then your clients will benefit from your company using a system like this. Can you see the chain reaction? If your seems professional, your clients will trust you, if your clients trust you, they will direct more people to you, if your company gains more clients, you reap the rewards.


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