There’s an app for that – My first iPhone

iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS

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I got my first iPhone last week and all I can say was wow. Not only did I have one of the most sophisticated phones on the market, but the phone’s applications are amazing.

To be honest, I was always the one that read the material on the new iPhones and everything you can do with them, I promised myself the one thing I will not say is “there’s an app for that.” I mean, with normal phones you would customize it to your hearts content and not worry about looking through an app store to customize your phone.

I was wrong. Really, really wrong. Browsing through the app store was a lot of fun, because you could not believe the amount of applications out there that you can use on your phone. I was almost sure my ISP was going to groan at the amount of applications I tried out, from games to utilities to photography applications.

I worked with ImagePlus in great detail. Amazingly enough, you cannot believe how many different uses the application really has. I was taking photos of meals with recipe notes pinned to the image, I took photos of the area I live in, which is in the middle of a nature reserve on the Eastern Cape Coast of South Africa. ImagePlus never failed to astound me in the things I could do with it. I even took photos of my cats and ducks and added notes and audio files to them. The application runs fast and is so easy to use anyone can use it, young and old. It then takes the image and all the added text and sound and adds it to an email and you can send it off to someone to look at. Quick, Easy, and beautiful really. I will look into posting a few images I used here and some screenshots of what the imagePlus version looked like before emailing.

It was the most fun I have had in a long time. I would call myself a reformed technology freak now. I never thought the iPhone was awesome, and thought that the fact that you need applications to customize the phone was lame and silly.

I am now also one of the first to admit that even though the iPhone cannot naturally do what other phones do, “there is an app for that.”


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