Why are document management systems so important

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Simply put, a document management system can not only help you keep track of important documents, but it can help you run your business efficiently, making sure that every aspect of your business is controlled and within reach for review or audit.

To offer a short explanation, a document management system is not just file storage, where you would upload a file for other employees to use, and it certainly is a lot better than having folder upon folder on a server or user’s laptop. Think about it, what guarantee do you have that those documents are, in fact, implemented? Statistics show that documents that aren’t managed properly, are often forgotten about and never reaches its intended audience. If these documents are industry standards, or business policies and management plans, how effective would these documents be if they are never used? You can create more, thats true, but how much time will that take from your daily schedule? Time that you could have used expanding your client list….

Even with small or new businesses, some still keep their documents on laptops, desktops, or the age old filing system, which can very well lead to disaster if not properly taken care of. Laptops and desktops are always prone to failure, and then all the documents kept on it are gone. Filing systems, even though they have been the norm in an office setting for eons, can still be unreliable. Documents are taken from their cabinet without anyone knowing, and in the end you have to track the document down, which makes you lose more time.


So what do you do? You look to a cloud based document management system. Everything remains online, where frequent backups of your documents are made so that, in the unlikely event of something happening, you won’t lose anything, right down to your personal settings.

You have dashboards that you can add widgets, which create shortcuts to documents, actions and controls, external RSS feeds, and many more. You can set up your own dashboards as you wish with the widgets you prefer and, we’re not even talking about the applications themselves.

When you upload a document to the DMS, it doesn’t just lie there, you can link it to actions, assign the actions to staff, and they will be notified that they have work to do, and the system will send them reminders about their actions. This is done through an internal messaging system as well as a companion email. In more advanced systems, these documents can be linked to CMS (content management system) pages, risk analysis charts, actions and controls, process mapping, workflow software, the list is endless.

Would you rather work with a system that only stores your documents, or would you prefer a system that controls, monitors and helps you run your business as it should be?


Tell us what you think.

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