Can a document management system make money for you?

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We all work for it, whether you own a company, or work for one, it’s always going to be one of the most important aspects of business. It’s how you do it that makes the difference. You can’t always be laid back, not worrying about tenders and proposals, where their documents are and who’s working on them. Can you? Do you really need a document management system?

Well, you could, but I don’t think it would really get you anywhere in business, will it? Knowing what is happening everywhere at any time, and more importantly, who is working on your documents is important. Let’s have a look at an example.

You own a small business, and you sell a unique service. This should be enough to bring business to your door, but you keep missing critical meetings with clients, your documents are not always up to date, or missing, and you are left feeling completely unprofessional, making mental notes to fire the people who were working on these tender/proposal documents.

That could work, but you wouldn’t really win any popularity contests. So how would you be able to keep track of everything going on, people working on documents, people who still need to upload and update documents that are needed for your company to thrive the way it was meant to?

The answer is quite easy actually. Actions, controls, and workflows.  You set up actions that let  people know that they have work to do, and they would then close these actions off when the task is done, even if the action is recurring. It can help you to make sure that the work gets done, and help you troubleshoot when something goes wrong and you cannot find an updated document. Controls can be set up with just about any business as well. You can set these for work purposes, set them according to safety standards, specific laws for your country that your business needs to work with, the possibilities are endless.

With workflows, you can set up a process that has as many levels as you need. This also notifies whoever you set in charge of the different levels within that workflow that they have some work to do, and like actions, can also show you where things went wrong in the chain of command.

In the long run, it’s all about you and how you run your business. If you keep your finger on the pulse of everything going on in it, you will be able to better steer your company towards success, and keep your staff happy at the same time because they have a manager that sets the bar for them to work to, and is willing to help if things go wrong. All of this would be pretty easy with the right type of document management system, and with a little time invested, a decent system can help you build, run, and maintain your business to run optimally with as little stress as possible.

Here’s wishing you P2B.


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