Document Management and Project Management

SDLC Phases Related to Management Controls

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One of the most important factors in Project Management is documenting research, analysis, and just about everything else when creating or starting a project. This can be tedious if all you have to store it all in is a filing cabinet with a lot of alphabetized projects. You might not be able to create PERT or GANTT charts or even a critical path, but you would be able to keep track of tasks, documents and activities easily if you have the right kind of document management system.

So, why would you need a document management system for project management?

If you work on a company intranet, linking a document management system to it can be invaluable, even if you didn’t use it for only project management. But, as an example, let’s say that you make plans to revamp your company site. You need to be able to talk to management as well as employees so that you can see just what needs to be changed on the site.

After preparing your charts, timelines etc. you can add these to the DMS for everyone to see, or limit it that only upper management can see how long you plan on working on the project. You can also create proposals in the CMS for everyone to read. This limits the amount of unnecessary emailing you would need to do, and gives you more time to focus on the project.

Once management has told you what they would like to see changed, you can then talk to all the employees through the intranet as well by two methods; the internal messaging system or creating a few posts on your own forum hosted within the intranet. Or, you could set up a questionnaire and mail it off to everyone, all without having to leave the system. Any one of these methods will help you to gather the information you need, and you will be able to then put together the list of changes you think will be the best, taken from the opinions of those you have asked.

From there, things can be done pretty straight forward, using actions to make sure that people on your team know what they have to do and you can even give them a deadline by which to do it all. You can set activities using an activity register, and this can help you keep track of every event that would go hand in hand with the project.

All of this can be easily monitored by management, so update emails would also be a minimum.

And what about documenting everything?

That question is easily answered. You have a CMS (content management system) to create reports, a DMS (Document management system) to store documents, and with these 2 applications alone, you could make your work a lot easier.

Project management is an important job, with a lot of documenting, planning, analyzing, correspondence, and such needs a lot of control and precision.

A document management system can help you in every phase of the SDLC (System Development Life Cycle), and can save you time, money and resources by helping you save on all the time, effort and resources you would generally use to get the job done efficiently.

Wishing you P2B, as always.


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