DMS – Keeping track of the world around you.

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We build businesses, nurture them and offer services, products and take care of our client base. I’ve spoken about Cloud based document management systems, hosted on company intranets quite a bit over the last few months, but I want to take a little time to show some other great features that a DMS system like this should have.

Many companies now have their own websites, and just as many rely on daily news, stock updates, etc. Having a document management system that can keep you in the loop about what’s happening in your world 24/7 can give you a competitive edge and make sure that you aren’t the last one to know about any updates in the business world. How, you ask?

For the sake of this explanation, let’s have a look at a business that relies on stock markets, and news. With their own website, they offer their clients advice about stocks, bonds, etc. They decide to set up a company intranet and with that, a document management system to help them keep track of everything going on in their company, and their documents. This is where the fun begins.

They have a set of dashboards set up, showing where their documents are, actions (jobs) that need to be taken care of, and a dedicated dashboard that shows them the RSS feeds to sites they get information from, other sites that deal with stock markets. This gives them not only a competitive edge when it comes to giving their clients valuable information when they need it, simply because the RSS feeds constantly update themselves on the dashboard, but they have one other dashboard added. One for clients to log into, where clients can see company videos, and all the RSS feeds with the information they need to help them make crucial investment decisions.

Another great feature would be a forum, hosted and run on the company intranet, within the document management system. Where clients, employees and management can get together to discuss important business matters, investment news, or even what the  company’s next step would be in their business plan.

All this can help immensely when you take into consideration exactly how important customer service is to any company. It could literally help you expand your client base, help you bring employees and management closer together, and boost your company reputation because you care enough to keep your clients and employees informed of what’s happening in the world around them, helping them make valuable decisions that could help your business excel.

As always, wishing you P2B.


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