Dynamic Plans in a CMS page.

It’s been a while since I wrote, so today I thought I would talk about one of the features in the CMS (content management system). When you create a document in the CMS, the software gives you more functionality by allowing you to link from other applications within the system, like the DMS (document management system), actions and controls, and even saved searches. Using a dynamic plan, you can then add the chosen information to a table within the newly created document, which is linked to the applications you wanted to use in the plan.

How this works as a shortcut, is that when you have created the document, you can then add it to your dashboard, and it provides a way of giving quick links to other applications straight from within your dashboard. So, let’s have a look at how you could use dynamic plans successfully.

I can see how, in many business sectors, a simple application like this can be invaluable, simply because it saves you time. You could use it on a dashboard that your clients log into, and give then quick access to their documents, actions that need to be taken care of, or link to new documents they need to read through. In mining, many times the dynamic plan option within the CMS is used to create lists of critical controls, linking to documents used as a reference when creating a new document, linking to Acts and Legislations etc. This is an important aspect in mining, simply because of the dangers involved, and this helps to keep employees safe at the same time. When you create new management plans, linking to reference documents like standard work rules (SWP’s), existing management plans, forms, critical controls etc. can help you to not only state why new plans need to be implemented, but can also give evidence of earlier lapses in controls, that could lead to severe consequences.

With the release of 2.4.4, new features have been implemented that make doing this even easier. In a system where everything is closely linked to every other aspect within the system, knowing that you can create precise plans, knowing that you have links to all the pertinent documentation, controls etc. in place all in one document, can make the difference between a good management plan and a perfect one. Each only limited to the amount of control you would like to have over your business.

So, when you think about creating documents, and you need to be able to show documents etc., it may be better to use a dynamic plan, and not a list of simple links.

Wishing you P2B


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