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I thought it would be a good idea to have a page about iPhone apps and such. The iPhone and iPad have made a huge impact in our lives and think that this page would document some of the interesting applications available.

Today though, I want to take a look at photography software for the iPhone. Being a digital artist (a hobby of mine), apps like this are interesting because you can edit an image and get rid of areas in an image you don’t like, add effects to the photos and now I hear you can even add sound and text clips to an image.

Apps like these are truly amazing because their applications are endless. Think about it, if you are selling houses online, selling travel destinations and tours, or just have a personal blog with images up about you, your life and surroundings, an app like that could be extremely useful. You simply take a photo, and tag it using a sound clip, text clip, another image, or you could even draw free hand to place emphasis on areas of the image you want people to take notice of. That not only allows visitors to interact with your website, but also adds that personal touch, even though this is still in development, you can surely see the advantages to an application like this.

A few other good uses of the app would be in business, where you could send a memo to an employee, or just have fun sending photos of the kids to their grandparents, with each child sending out a special message. Or, like the page name depicts, use it for fun, catch the local prankster at his own game, and record his reaction for posterity…

Its really amazing how technology improved since the release of the first mobile phone, seemingly eons ago, to the point where even our photos can now be interactive.

This blog is part of  V7N’s  Blog Challenge With a Twist.

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5 thoughts on “iPhone fun

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  2. Image PLUS is a very useful App – we can use it for business (eg) conducting inspections, audits, recording the development of a construction project, sending detailed notes quickly to work colleagues etc. via email. And fun too because the kids can annotate their photos and share between freinds (multiple audio files on the same image) – just tap and play each tag on the photo/image. Looking forward to updates and new versions 🙂

  3. There’s no limit to what you can do with an application such as ImagePlus. As mentioned there are business applications, and not only the construction sector, but sector wide, you would be able to use the application. Also, when you’re sitting down looking at family photos taken, wouldn’t it be amazing if the photo spoke to you and added even more of a personal touch to you memory?

    With something as versatile as this, you would be amazed how many different uses people would find for it. 😀 I daresay you could even take a photo of your car, and record the sound it makes so that those less mechanically inclined (like me) could show a mechanic exactly what’s wrong with the car…

    • Vroom Vroom 🙂 And a talking image is a lot easier to share in a secured place rather than videos where they just about need to be on You Tube and you don’t want that!

      Have you heard about the new audio SMS App coming out yet?

      • I have :), and I believe it will be as popular, if not more, than ImagePlus. The audio sms application can be a real help in situations where your hands are full, or for people that have accessibility problems like not being able to see the QWERTY keyboard properly. I am still waiting for the specifications, and as soon as I get them, I will add them here.

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